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Thursday, October 23, 2008

in my dreams I'll always see you soar above the sky in my heart there'll always be a place for you for all my life I'll keep a part of you with me

Today was an awful day. Mostly due to how I physically felt. I felt like I was going to vomit all day long. Thankfully, I did not. But let me tell you...less than 15 minutes after getting up and feeling like I'm going to vomit, that just sucks.

And then, I looked at my score for my orgo lab test...yeah, I knew that I didn't do well, but I didn't think that I totally bombed it either. When I got my test back, I saw that I made a few stupid mistakes as well as the ones that I knew that I was going to get wrong because I just didn't know the answers to them. Like the very first question on the test, didn't answer it (stupid mistake). But in my defense, the way it was worded, I honestly didn't think it was a question. It looked as though it was part of the directions for the fill-in-the-blank section following it. If I'd known it was actually a problem to be answered, I probably would have gotten it right. Or at least partially right. ::sigh:: lab, my stupid organic layer didn't solidify over the week as it was supposed to. And I even had the TA helping me with my lab last week! But at least, I wasn't the only person to not have his/her organic layer not solidify. I only saw one person with a solid organic I was a little less worried about that problem. But, because I felt like s*** and we had to use hot plates today (and it's always too warm in the chem lab), I felt like I was going to pass out in lab. But I really, really did not want to come back to lab on Saturday morning. I just did not want to go to another 9:00a Saturday class. That sucked worse than feeling like crap in an overheated classroom.

Plus, on top of today's hands are all dried out and scaly. Stupid sensitivity (or allergy, I don't know) to practically every fragrance and soap ever. My hands hurt. Booo...

And I'm also sad because I've only seen maybe the first three of America's Next Top Model this season, the first and third episodes of Gossip Girl and none of Samantha Who? for this season...since they're all on the ex's DVR (or at least they were) because I would watch them with him. Okay...I kinda forced him to watch ANTM, but the other two, he enjoyed (or secretly enjoys). I have to watch them online...and I don't know if the entire seasons are on the CW website for GG and ANTM. I know that there are full episodes, but I just don't know if there is the full current season (up-to-date, I mean).

Oh, yeah...but today wasn't all bad. I met the lady who emailed (well, technically MySpace messaged me) me about my dad when he first got in his accident this evening. She came over to my dad's house while I was over. She's pretty cool. I was going to just use her MySpace display name...but since I have a link to my MySpace and you can get to my daddy's from there and she's in his Top Friends, so I didn't want a bunch of strangers bugging her...but since I just realized that my profile is 'private,' as is hers. That whole point is moot. But...whatever... I don't feel like deleting it, I already typed it. Ignore it if you want to.

But...I'm sleepy, it's a quarter after midnight already...and I have school in the morning.

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