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Friday, October 17, 2008

all my life I've been over the top I don't know what I'm doing all I know is I don't wanna stop all fired up I'm gonna go till I drop

Ewewew!! I'm not sure, because I can't remember for sure...but I think almost every day this week there has been a dead rat (yes, rat, it's not a squirrel) at the corner of Warren & Chrysler. And then starting, I think, Tuesday because I'm pretty sure it was there for three days, there was a dead cat about two-thirds of the way up the exit ramp of the South I-75 for Warren Ave. It was so disgusting having to maneuver around the roadkill...oh, and this morning, I still had to maneuver around the dead rat. But it's quite possible that was cleaned up and now replaced by a gray squirrel because the roadkill that was there this morning was a bit too fluffy and clean looking to still be the same flattened creature from Monday morning...

And now that I'm done grossing you out...

My Cosmo horoscope for today says...
Libra - Single? A pumped guy you meet at the gym is fun to flirt with, but he isn't attentive enough for you. Attached? Working your sexual magic in the tub leads to a sensual round two later in bed. usually I would italicize the section of the horoscope pertaining to my status, but since it's been nearly three weeks since the boy and I have actually been near one another, I hardly know if I'm actually in a relationship or not (and this Monday, 10/13, when he came over to my dad's house for a couple of hours barely counts, and again, this past Saturday, 10/11, when he came over only to connect me to my dad's wi-fi because my dad and I couldn't figure Vista out, barely counts because it was all of less than 30 minutes). And I miss him. ::sigh:: Oh!, but anyway...not expecting my horoscope to come true today...

Anyway, here's the weekly round-up for the week of October 13th:
.:. This is particular to Proposal 2 (the stem cell research one) in the state of MI only...
.:. What the kind of candy you like says about you...
.:. Aww, how cute...little boy puppies let the girl puppies win.
.:. A snake bite couldn't stop the mail frombeing delivered!!
.:. This is just sick and wrong.
.:. Lost dog found a travel agency to get home.
.:. Lawsuit against God thrown out. Are you kidding me? There was even a lawsuit to begin with?

And now for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

She Was Hoping for a Salad of Steel
Waitress: Will you have a soup or salad?
Girl: Sure, I'll have the super salad.
Waitress: No, will you have the soup or salad?
Girl: I said I'll have the super salad.
Waitress: No, (really slowly) will you have the soup or salad.
Girl: Ohhhhh, the salad.
-- Elmo, Chelsea

This Is Your Brain on Stupid Customers
Customer: I'll have an egg omelet.
Cook: An egg omelet?
Customer: Yeah, one made with eggs.
Cook: Thank god you mentioned eggs. I was about to give you an omelet solely made from butter!
-- Grant's Restaurant

Does It Burn When You Wednesday One-Liner?
Hipster to friend: Thank god AIDS wasn't in Africa yet when I was there, I wouldn't have f***ed anybody.
-- Classroom, NYU
...there are five more one liners...

Wednesday One-Liners Melt in Your Mouth
Would-be CIA student on cell: Yeah, so I think my interview at the CIA went well. I think I'll really like it there. (notices people around him) ...the Culinary institute of America! (everyone smiles)
-- 80th & Broadway
...there are five more one liners...

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