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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

we were lovers we were kissers we were holders of hands we were make-believers just losing time apparently, I'll only possibly see the boy this weekend. He has to work this weekend. And since this past weekend went oh-so-well, I'm not thrilled to learn this. But...I do appreciate that he thought to tell me before the last minute. Maybe, just maybe, the fact that I was upset about him completely blowing me off this past weekend at the last minute, but acting like he still had time for me actually got through to him. I don't know...

This past weekend was my 23rd birthday, and on Saturday (the day before my birthday), the boy and I were supposed to do something together. But things came up, and he acted like he had time for me, and then towards the end of the day he gave off the impression that he was just going to leave my house without even saying 'goodbye' to me. And then he wondered why I was thisclose to being dead serious when I told him that he was only allowed back into my house to finish fixing the computer for my parents and then he could do whatever he wanted.

The other thing that came up at the last minute was that his dad bought an xbox 360 and needed help setting it up. But the boy got mad at me for being upset that I was blown off completely on Saturday. He told me that I would never be more important than his parents and they would always be more important. Meaning...he didn't hear me when I said what I was upset about. I didn't want him to ignore his dad's need for help. Nor did I want him to ignore my mom asking him to help her out by looking at/fixing our computer. All I was asking, was that could he stop being such a pushover and say 'no' to someone other than me for once? Well, actually, what I really asked was that he ask if was okay to postpone helping for a couple of hours. Not brush it off to the next day, but could it wait until after we went to the cider mill like he sorta promised me we could go?

He spreads himself too thin and doesn't know how to say 'no' to other people. He's always too willing to help those that he cares about. But...he just doesn't seem to do anything to make himself happy...

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