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Monday, November 3, 2008

cuz you're hot then you're cold you're yes then you're no you're in and you're out you're up and you're down you're wrong when it's right

My Cosmo horoscope for today says...
Libra - You like to analyze everything, but sensitive Mars suggests that you might be better off if you let your heart rule your head regarding a personal decision today.
I don't think I like this prediction...overanalyzing sounds good to me. Besides, letting my heart rule sounds like a bad idea right now. It's currently broken, remember?

Today, my new sweater and shoes that was a happy thing. But my other new sweaters won't be here for a while...that's saddening.

And I wish my mom would hurry up and figure out the insurance sitch for my stepdad's insurance because it's been almost a month of no coverage for me (my mom's insurance quit covering me at midnight on my 23rd birthday, meaning that it stopped at 12:00:00 am on October 05, 2008). And I'd really like to have insurance...I can't guarantee my safety forever. I am a big klutz, remember? I managed to trip off the front porch and sprain my ankle three years ago...I've been to the ER for my lumbar and cervical (that's the neck for anyone perverted) regions in the last couple of years, too. So...y'know...a lack of coverage for me really isn't the best of ideas...

All's really late, I have to get up, I still have to do some more of my homework before I can go to Ciao!!

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