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Monday, November 10, 2008

if you are what you say you are a superstar then have no fear the camera's here and the microphones and they wanna know

My youngest brother went off to 6th grade camp this morning. Woohoo!! He's gone for three days!! Seriously though, I hope the kid has fun (and that he behaves because he's gonna regret it big time if he gets in trouble at camp!).

My third bio test was this afternoon...and walking out of there I wasn't too sure how I did. But when I checked the answer key when I got home, I was happy to see that I got a B+. Hopefully, there's at least one question that 70+% of the class got wrong so that she adds a point to everyone's score...then I might end up with an A on my test. I can't really complain about my score though because I only "studied" for all of 40 minutes or if I'd actually studied, I probably would have gotten every question right as opposed to making a few stupid mistakes. Oh, well...

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