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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I guess you kept me around to have and eat your cake and I know you’re somewhere laughing in your head 'bout how you kept me hidden from the truth

So...yesterday was the ex's father's birthday...and I'd thought about sending his dad an email to say "happy birthday." But I was worried that if I did, then he'd say something to his son...and then I'd get a phone call or something telling me to stay out of his life. Especially since the last time that I talked to the ex, he told me that everyone in his life thinks that I'm a b**** and always has. If that's true, then, yeah, telling his dad "happy birthday" would've been a bad idea. But I always got the impression from his father that he didn't pretend to like, I wasn't worried that he'd be mad at me for being nice to him. It was just...I was worried about a possible reaction from his son. ::sigh:: Oh, well...

Anyway...tomorrow is Christmas Eve...but I never finished my shopping. Oh,well...just means that I didn't get presents for three of my siblings, only for the younger two. But honestly, I have no clue what to get my 15 y/o brother...the kid is weird. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love him and all...but he's one weird person. And my sister, she just buys whatever she it's hard to buy for her, too. So, yeah... Plus, my grandma doesn't like it when we buy her gifts...she'd rather we spent our money on ourselves or saved it. That's why I didn't get anything for her. But I always make sure that I help her out with whatever I can when I'm there on Christmas Eve.

Which reminds me...does anyone have any special holiday traditions? In my family, it's totally the celebrating on Christmas Eve...and the lasagna (my paternal grandma's family is Italian). But, I cannot eat lasagna. ::shudder:: It has nothing to do with the way it all about the way that it looks. If I could get over the appearance of lasagna, then I would probably eat it...since I think it tastes fine.

Anyway...hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!! Merry Christmas, everyone!!

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