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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a change would do you good "hello it's me I'm not at home if you'd like to reach me leave me alone" a change would do you good

Okay, so I signed in to my MySpace this morning and noticed that I had less friends than yesterday (it's easy to notice a different in my friends count because aside from a few celebrities and organizations, the people in my friends list are people that I know in real life only, same thing with Facebook) I looked at who all of my friends were to see if I could see who was no longer my friend, and noticed that the ex had deleted me from his friends list. Which isn't that big of a deal, but what I don't understand is why after nearly two months he finally did that, coupled with blocking me on AIM yesterday afternoon. The only reason that I know he blocked me and wasn't just signed off, was that I was also signed on with a different screenname, and when he "signed off" yesterday in the one Buddy List, he stayed signed on in the other Buddy List. It's not like I've been doing anything to harass him...if anything, I've been ignoring him and leaving him alone as he would like. So I don't understand him and his strange behavior. But then this morning, he was no longer blocking me...apparently, I was no longer a threat?

::shrugs:: I guess that I shouldn't worry about it because like I said before (ad nauseam), he's over me and I should be over him and everything that was. And every day, I can see that I've made progress. I'm not perfect yet...but I'm getting there. Things don't hurt me as much anymore. Yeah, I still get stupid urges to cry at dumb things...but even those are getting farther and farther apart. I can't even remember the last time I cried over something to do with that failed relationship.

Now, crying over, or at least getting a little teary-eyed, something meaningful, like the Breaking & Entering Christmas Wishes on Mojo in the Morning on Channel 955...that's getting to be nearly a five days a week thing. Which was a bit of a hassle on school days, let me tell ya. I'd be all ready for school...or at least, I'd be in the process of putting my make-up on, and then they'd either do the B&E X-mas or they'd replay the one from that morning and I'd get teary-eyed and have to fix my mascara before it ran down my face. Thankfully, I'm just laying in bed listening this week when they do the replay, so no make-up worries.

Okay...shower time now...ciao dahling!!

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