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Monday, December 1, 2008

watch me now and I'll be someone new my heart will be unbroken it will open up for everyone but you

::sigh:: Once again, it seems like every time that I think I'm okay...somethin' happens to set me off all over again. And this time it was a complete stranger who happened to stumble upon my blog through Google.

Here was the portion of his comment that really made think about what an idiot I was:
I think you deserve someone present and not give'n the brushoff & "drama queen backoff" bit to finagle his way out of any real discussion as to what time it is regarding your relationship (which is sounding one sided). [sic]
And then after I published the comment (I have the comment moderation on, it's a control thing, what can I say?), I clicked the link that comes up to see the post that was commented on. Yeah...that was a really bad idea, because I, of course, read the post. And then proceeded to start crying because I knew then that he was avoiding me, yet he was lying to my face when I would ask him about it. The worst thing is that the stupid post is from just over two months before the relationship ended.

::sigh:: This is the second post for today now...and neither one is what I'd been planning on writing about. I just wish that something super happy would (unexpectedly) happen to me, and that is what caused me to change my preplanned post.