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Monday, December 22, 2008

on the telephone line I am anyone I am anything I want to be I could be a super model or Norman Mailer & you wouldn't know the difference or would you

[edited 12:03a 12/23/08] edits are in blue

Yay me!! I have a 2.16 g.p.a. this semester...a full point lower than my previous lowest g.p.a ever (I got that my freshman year of high school, and my parents didn't seem to care that I failed a class either). ::sigh:: But at least, my financial aid is safe. For now anyway... Apparently, I forgot about my g.p.a. last previous lowest g.p.a. It wasn't a full point higher, but it's pretty close to what I got this semester...thanks to the two Cs I received.

And, yay me (again)!! I have pretty much all of my Christmas shopping done, or at least, I have it as done as I'm gonna get it. It's a 'yay me' because I only started Saturday night. Remember, Christmas is on Thursday?

And also, last night, I made some gingerbread. Mmm mmm!!! I heart gingerbread. Especially when it's warm and has whipped cream on it. Yummy!!

Today, I watched the girls for four was the most boring four hours of my life. I was supposed to take them to their mom's house so they could pack up their stuff and take them to the library. Yeah, didn't take 'em to the library because they wouldn't get their butts moving and get ready to go anywhere. So, I only took them to their mom's house...and it didn't really seem like they did what they were supposed to. To be fair, the 8 y/o's stuff was pretty much packed already by her mom for her. But seriously, if I'd known that they weren't going to be ready when I got there, I would not have left my stuff in the car and been bored to tears (okay, obviously, not actual tears) for nearly three hours (it's like 10 degrees outside, I wasn't going back outside just to get my book).

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