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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

every time they turn the lights down just want to go that extra mile for you your public display of affection feels like no one else in the room

I need to finish writing my Spanish paper...but I'm lazy. It's seriously, like, the easiest topic to write about, too. All I have to do is write about this semester and my plans for after the semester. How simple is that? ::sigh:: It's too simple because I can't figure out what to write. Oh, my god...and I need to watch The Motorcycle Diaries and do my movie quiz before Thursday. Ugh...I despise school. Tomorrow, I have a MI history test...I still need to read the book for that one. Oh, jesus...and I need to figure out something to do for psych presentation... Seriously, where did the semester go? How did I run out of time? ::sigh::

Well...I'm going to go get some stuff done before I need to go pick up the girls... Ciao!! But...before I go, here's some fun tv stuff:

***Spoiler Alert!!!***

Melissa in Hammond, Indiana: I was just wondering if and/or when there are going to be new episodes of The Girls Next Door?
Season four premieres Sun., Dec. 9 at 10 p.m. Look for 12 eps total this season. Jen is already parked in front of the TV with her popcorn and a bottle of gin. (Take a shot every time Kendra is tardy, Bridget talks to Winnie like she's a person and/or Holly mentions her stint at Hooters!)

Kathie in West Haven, Connecticut: I love Gossip Girl, and I need a gossip fix! Can you tell me if Serena's mom and Chuck's dad are still together? They never made it clear whether she forgave him or not.
She did. Lily van der Woodsen and Bart Bass (or should I say L&B) are sooo on, and word is Serena is quite surprised when she finds out. XOXO, TV Gossip Girl.

from...Watch With Kristin.

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