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Thursday, November 1, 2007

you can stand under my umbrella you can stand under my umbrella (ella ella eh eh eh) under my umbrella (ella ella eh eh eh)

I had something to write...but it totally left my brain...huh... I got the majority of my homework done yesterday. Well...I got the two-page paper written anyway...just not the four chapters and the handout read for the test. Minor details. I'm still pretty confident that I got at least 45/50 on the reading wasn't too necessary. I should probably go fold the laundry...wash my face...straighten my someone the laundry...etc., etc.... that I've sufficiently bored you...things to amuse:

Because If Not, Have I Got a Dating Service for You!
First grader: My aunt is a lesbian... Both of them.
Tour guide: Are they happy?
First grader: Yes! Yes! Are you a happy lesbian?
-- Cloisters Museum, Fort Tryon Park

Geez, Is That How It's Supposed to Go?
Drunk old guy: That's a very nice dress... You're a very beautiful woman. If I were thirty years younger, I--
Woman: --Would wear this dress?
-- A train

Wednesday One-Liners Pass on Their Wisdom
Old man to two-year old: Man, talking to you is like f***ing talking to a brick wall.
-- F train
Five more one-liners...

Wednesday One-Liners Will Use a Condom Next Time
Child-free woman to stranger's crying baby: Oh, wait, things get much worse.
-- Throggs Neck, Bronx
Four more one-liners...

And duh, Overheard in New York...

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