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Monday, November 26, 2007

when darkness turns to light it ends tonight it ends tonight

::sigh:: Once again...the stepfather is being a jerk. Instead of ever giving anyone a chance to explain something...because y'know, there's never a logical, rational explanation...he decided to yell at one person and ignore the other one. Seriously...that man is getting more and more like the stepmother all the time. Thank god the stepmother is no longer technically part of the family. Nobody needs her negativity...or blame. Okay...well...all done with that rant.

On to happier...okay, well, it's really another rant... Anyway...the printer is now special and pulls the paper through sideways. Did you know that when one side of the printer is pulling faster than the other side that it doesn't print very well? More like doesn't print at all...I don't know how that happened. It was fine one day...and then the next it was all plzzt. Y'know...the raspberry sound? I really am all done ranting. Enjoy some amusing things
from Overheard in New York...

Grandma's Had the Bit in Her Teeth Before
Little girl looking at big, naked woman statue: She looks like me, but big!
Grandmother: Yes, yes she does.
Little girl looks at big, naked male statue: What's that? It's big.
Grandmother: Boy bits. They're not usually that big.
-- Columbus Circle Mall

In Where, Exactly?
Six-year-old son, indicating sex shop: Can I?! I want to go in there!
Frazzled mother: No. Just... no.
-- Christopher, between Bleecker & Hudson

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