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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

in the day in the night say it right say it all you either got it or you don't

All right...well, I finished my reading response yays for me!! Now I just need to shower and get ready for class...ugh...

Oh jesus...thank god for auto-save...because my computer just had some blue screen and then I had to turn it off and turn it back on... Honestly, I didn't break it...I don't know why it did that...

I can't wait for all new Gossip Girl tonight!! I heart that show!! Ooooh, and America's Next Top Model is on tonight, too!! I heart that show, too!! Hopefully, we get out of class by 8:45p today...then I can watch Gossip Girl without having to wait until tomorrow to see it...

Seriously...something is bugging me...I just don't know how to talk about it... Because it doesn't matter how I word sounds like I'm obsessing over it...which I am not.

::sigh:: Why doesn't anyone love me today? Nobody is sending me email ... Also...yeah...totally lost my train of thought

Oh, and on Thanksgiving...which, yes, is next Thursday...I am pretty sure that I am expected to go to: my mommy's house, my grandma's house, my fiancé's house, my employer's house...yep, I think that about does it. ::sigh:: How am I supposed to accomplish all of that? Seriously, I'm only one person ...

For Naming Me "Icarus," First of All
Five-year-old, quietly: I wish you'd die...
Mom: What?
Five-year-old: I said, 'I wish I could fly.'
Mom: Oh, okay.
Five-year-old: So I could fly away from you!
-- 66th & Freedom Pl

Just a Mistress, and Her Name Is Grammar
Cafeteria lady: So, you been good this weekend?
Frat boy: No! Me and my girlfriend got totally s***-faced!
Cafeteria lady: 'My girlfriend and I.'
Frat boy: What?
Cafeteria lady: 'My girlfriend and I got totally s***-faced.'
Frat boy: Whoa! You have a girlfriend?! Hardcore!
-- NYU

from Overheard in New York...where else?

Okay...well...I have to go shower's almost I have an hour and a half until I need to leave for class... Ciao!!

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