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Friday, August 8, 2008

you keep on aiming for the top and quit before you sweat a drop feed your empty brain with your hydroponic pot start out playing with yourself

Today, my Cosmo horoscope says...
Libra - Loving Neptune says that the most important thing today is for you to do whatever makes you happy.
Too bad I can't do whatever makes me happy today...meh...

This is the weekly round-up of the things that amused me over the week:
.:. Umm...seriously now, how much embarrassment must people put their pets through?
.:. Aww, how cute!! Puppies "catch" yawns, too.
.:. Uh, yay...? "Cosmic ghost" found by an just looks like a green blob to me.

I want to go to these concerts:
.:. Seether at the Fillmore Detroit ticket info
.:. Sara Bareilles at the Fillmore Detroit ticket info
.:. Rock Band Live with Dashboard Confessional.... at Eastern Michigan University ticket info
Somebody should take me (or y'know, go with me), that would be awesome.

And here's some amusement from Overheard in New York...

...According to Martha Stewart Living
(movie set in SoHo)
Actor (showing where the fake blood stained his hands red): Man, if real blood did this it would be a lot easier to catch people.
Black guy: Man, ain't that the truth. A little hand sanitizer and that shit come right off.
-- Houston & Sullivan

This week there wasn't too much that I found to be all that interesting...sorry if that disappoints anyone. But, y' can look for stuff to amuse yourself, too...

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