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Thursday, August 7, 2008

let me let go baby let me let go if this is for the best why are you still in my heart are you still in my soul let me let go

I think that I made a mistake on a really, really huge one. I should have just accepted it and moved on, right? Instead...I put myself into this Limbo-Hell...and now I'm miserable...

I guess that I can just ask him to say exactly what he wants the next time he actually deems me important enough to talk to. Since I seem to be one of the only people he doesn't respond to...I wish I just thought it was because he's busy working and not because of who is talking to him. But the thing is I don't just get my messages, I get my brother's, when I'm ignored and my brother is responded to in the same time period, it tends to make my paranoia a little less irrational.

[sidenote:] Yesterday morning, I posted the draft that I had saved from Sunday...scroll down the page and read it if you so desire.

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