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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'll need a little more luck than a little bit cuz everytime I get stuck the words won't fit and every time that I try I get tongue tied

Just a quick couple of updates before I get to the regular (read boring to most, probably) post stuff:
.:. Yesterday, I edited the last sentence of the 08/08/08 post...well, the first one from that day. The math was off...I was being special. Now it's correct.
.:. Today, I added a countdown thingy to the was at the top of the page, but I didn't like it there. So now it's in the sidebar above the "About Me" section.

Tomorrow is the last day this week that I watch the girls...then I have the rest of the week off because they're heading down to Atlanta for a long weekend. those two days that I would normally be watching the girls, I should use to do something productive...y'know, like get down to WSU and get my OneCard finally. Among the other things that I need to get done before the semester starts.

What the... Someone has flown all the way from Belgium just for the Woodward Dream Cruise... ::shakes head in disbelief:: Are you freakin' kidding me? I can understand taking off the afternoon on Friday, maybe even the whole day since it's the day before the official event...but I don't understand all the people that are out parked along the street on a Monday afternoon. Seriously, don't you people work? It wasn't just people that might have been was obviously people who had taken the day (or possibly the week) off work for the what seems like sole purpose of sitting alongside a very busy street to watch cars. Friday, yes, by mid-afternoon the traffic will not be traveling along at posted speed (or well above, which is normal)...but on a Monday, even with the above average number of classic cars, many cars are going at posted speed or above. I'm only mentioning Monday because I was using Woodward to take the girls to their dad's house from their mom's house yesterday around 3:00p and there were way too many people just sittin' around watching the cars go by for a Monday afternoon.

Hooray for L'Oreal Sublime Bronze because I'm not deathly pale anymore...

Oh, man...the girls' mom just called me (it's currently 8:55p)...tomorrow is going to be a long day. Pick up the girls at about a quarter to 10:00a and stay until about 8:30p when their mom gets home. ::sigh::

But, anyway...back to what I was saying about not being deathly pale anymore. The no longer deathly pale coupled with the ridiculously blonde is so not me...I'm so much more the fair skinned, dark haired girl. Nevermind that my natural hair color really is a medium blonde. Who knows...maybe I'll go back to red soon? Or maybe even brunette? I don't know...

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