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Saturday, August 9, 2008

you don't even know the meaning of the words "I'm sorry" you said you would love me until you died and as far as I know you're still alive baby

Apparently the boy (who from now on will referred to as "that guy I'm kinda sorta dating") only has time to spare on Sunday and Monday of this coming week, which also happen to be the two days that I will probably be the b****iest, too. Oh, the joys of being a female in the reproductive years.

The best part of his lack of time to spare is that supposedly on Friday night, he was out with another girl. True, he's known this girl since middle school or something like that...but if the scenario had been flipped around and I'd been the one out with some guy that he'd never met before, he'd have been so amazingly jealous...

So...on the two "date" nights, he has plans to avoid cool is that? And then when I call him because things didn't go so well the last time we saw each other, and I say that I want to make it up to him, what does he say? Something positive? Something encouraging? No and no...he says that I don't have to, and then abruptly ends the conversation and pretty much hangs up on me. Seriously...and he wonders why from my perspective it's as though he hates me and wants nothing to do with me?

::sigh:: And I already have a pretty good idea that I won't see him again after Monday until sometime the week after because of the stupid Dream Cruise. I don't even hate the Dream Cruise...honestly, I'm just indifferent to it because cars are not that fascinating to me. But spending hours that turn into days that turn into weeks is just plain obsession. That's just as bad as going into debt over a shopping addiction.

Plus...I don't get why he keeps saying "I love you" to me. The way he acts around me and the way he sounds on the phone...I don't think that he does anymore. I'm so confused by him...and don't know what to do. Just keep getting strung along by him? Or...something else that I'm afraid to say...

I don't like when relationships don't end amicably...and this one seems to be going down in flames with both involved hating the other... Apparently, that's what I get for trusting someone...betrayal and hurt?

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