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Sunday, August 10, 2008

soon baby I will cry my last tears soon yeah I will be over you soon darling all these tears won't be here soon yeah you know that I will be over you

Apparently...when the boy (when I saw him for dinner, it was said that as long we both still want it then we're still boyfriend/ he's still "the boy" on here) saw the previous post, he said it made me sound jealous. But just "rationally jealous"...not excessively jealous. ::sigh:: I honestly wasn't jealous because the way he'd talked to me about this girl before, I knew he just saw her as a sister and I didn't know for sure, but I thought that she had a boyfriend. He told me after reading that post that she's engaged.

The thing was, I was just frustrated that it's the first couple weeks of August...and like every year, I barely get to see him. And this year it just seems worse because since April nothing has been going positively. And it hasn't necessarily been the fault of either of us.

Okay...well...I'm going to get dressed and whatever...and then maybe call the boy. Well, I'll probably call him anyway, but not necessarily do anything with him right away...because I plan on going to the mall today. And I don't think that he's going to want to go along...not since I plan on buying jeans. Which I hate having to do. I have stupid legs. They're too short for the Regular length jeans...and too long for the Short length jeans. So I just usually buy the Regular length jeans because I pretty much always wear heels...but I think that I need to get a pair of Short length because I'm going to need to wear my Vans or Etnies to class during the fall/winter. No way am I wearing heels to walk all over the WSU campus...that's effen ridiculous. As well as stupid and hell on my feet, legs and back. Athletic shoes with good arch support and cushioning sound great to me.

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