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Friday, August 15, 2008

there's an angel with a hand on my head she says I’ve got nothing to fear she says 'La ilaha il Allah' we all shine like stars

Ugh...I'm a little bit crabby today...I didn't sleep well last night. Make that I barely stayed asleep last night...I don't know why. But then I woke up around 7:15a and decided to turn my computer on...thinking maybe if I moved around a little bit, then falling back to sleep would be easier. Well, it was a little bit...until my stepdad decided it was a good idea to keep yelling. So...yeah...just as I was finally getting back to sleep around 8:30a, he made it impossible. If I did that to him while he was trying to sleep, he'd throw a major s***-fit...but I'm just supposed to ignore it and be fine. Whatever, jerk.'s the non-crabby stuff...

Today's Cosmo horoscope says...
Libra - Think twice about how you chat with a guy pal under retro Jupiter tonight or he might think that you're coming on to him.
Ha! I don't see that one coming to fruition. Seriously now...what guy pal am I going to hang out with?

This is the weekly round-up of the things that amused me over the week:
.:. Aww...who doesn't love a story about babies? Two babies born on 08/08/08 at 8:08, weighing 8lbs., 8oz. How cute is that?!?
.:. A shopkeeper in Spain found a Euro that has a cartoon character on it as opposed to the country's king...
.:. Hooray for medical treatments causing problems at the border! Seriously though, radiation treatments may require a doctor's note for border crossing...
.:. Umm...are you kidding me? $26 per grape?!? As much as $910 per bunch?!?
.:. Haha...children's toy picked up more than intended to one mom's dismay.
.:. Peanut/peanut butter bans in schools are just ridiculous...there are much better ways to protect children with allergies.
.:. Cosmo's list of 21 Things Women Can Do That Men Can't...a rebuttal to the list of Top 10: Things Only Men Can Do from
.:. Earlier this week, I saw this on Top Drugs' Strange Side Effects...
Allegra-D 24-Hour
Side Effect: Along with headaches and colds, this allergy medication has been known to give users backaches.
Umm...maybe...I need to look into a new allergy medicine...since I just assumed it was my little brother that screwed up my back...and my birth control giving me the headaches. Maybe it's a combination of my allergy medication and my birth control making my migraines worse than before I started either medication...
.:. I have to wait until July 17 2009 to see the next Harry Potter was supposed to come out on November 21 2008...stupid WGA strike...
.:. Haha...too much noise gets the boyfriend banned from the girlfriend's apartment...

I want to go to the Weezer concert...Angels & Airwaves are playing, too (some other band is playing, too, but I don't think I know who they are) on September 29th ticket info.

And here's some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Like That It's Possible to Get Thin by Eating Chocolate?
Guy giving out Kellogg's Special K chocolate bars: Free cereal bars! Free cereal bars!
Hobo (to Kellogg's guy): Hey, why isn't anyone giving me any money? They all be paying attention to you!
Kellogg's guy: Because I'm giving out free candy. You're giving out lies.
-- Outside Penn Station

***Spoiler Alert***

Lory in New York: What is gonna happen when our Gossip Girl favorites graduate school? Please, tell me anything. You know we love you.
Looks like the Gossip Girl series is sticking close to the books when it comes to college admissions: In an upcoming ep, several of the kids head to New Haven to check out the Yale campus. If they eventually graduate, they'll join a prestigious list of fictional Yale alumni that includes Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls), Joshua Lyman (The West Wing) and Montgomery Burns (The Simpsons).

spoiler from E! online's Watch with Kristin

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