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Saturday, August 23, 2008

I know I could say we’re through and tell myself I’m over you but even if I made a vow a promise not to miss you now and try to hide the truth inside

Oh, yay. Last night was a blast. I couldn't contain my joy when the boy and I ran into one of his coworkers after dinner and he acted as though I wasn't even there. It was quite awkward when the girl asked him, "is this your fiancée Ashley?"

I so wanted to be a b**** and have a confused look on my face while saying, "no, I'm not his fiancée...I don't even think we're dating."

Instead, I just smiled at her and said, "hi."

Only a month ago, maybe a little bit longer now, the boy never cared if I touched his phone...but over the last few weeks, he's been so secretive with his phone. If he's using it, whether to text someone, to check email or to call someone (unless he's talking to his parents), he does it really quickly and angles the screen away from me so that I can't accidentally see what he's doing. I was just ignoring this change in behavior, trying not to jump to any conclusions...but when he pretty much bit my head off last night at dinner for keeping secrets from him, I got mad and tried to calmly ask him about all of that strange new phone behavior of his. I even asked him a hypothetical question ("what would you say if I asked you: could I have your phone and look through it?"), to which he responded, "that's crazy."

::sigh:: My reason for asking that wasn't because I actually wanted to look through his phone at his text messages or his calls list, but because I wanted to see if had something to hide. I don't want to see what is on his phone...I don't trust him right now, so seeing what's on there isn't going to ease any fears I have or be a help in confirming any fears I have. I simply wanted to see if he still trusted me like he did a month or so ago...which apparently he doesn't. Since letting me touch his phone in the past had never been a problem...and now he doesn't leave it alone in the same room as me.

[updated at 2:24p] I forgot about the explanation the boy gave about why he was acting this way with his phone lately. He says that he's been doing that because I don't like that he's always on his phone...

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