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Friday, August 29, 2008

so this is where the story ends a conversation on IM well I'm done with texting sorry for the miscommunication

I don't know if the boy was just busy yesterday or if I did something to annoy him, but he was barely talking to me yesterday. And he said that he'd call me after his class, but he didn't. I know that I could have called him, but the other day when I called him because he hadn't called like he said that he would, I woke him up. And I wasn't sure if I was going to do the same thing I just went to bed. I don't know...let's see if he forgets to call tonight after class, too...

Today's Cosmo horoscope says...
Libra - Single? A steamy night might be in the stars under sultry Mars. Attached? Treat him to eye candy tonight by lounging around the house in your lingerie and one of his shirts.
Interesting...but I don't know if I'm going to even see the boy tonight...he's not too great at communicating with me.

And now for the weekly round-up of the things that intrigued me this week:
.:. This article from Psychology Today: Field Guide to the Nerd: It's All Geek to Me, amused me because it made me think of my 12 y/o brother and it made me think of the boy...neither are quite are nerdy as the extremes of the article, but, y'know...
.:. How horrible...who could/would do such a thing? Run a person over and then just leave him there...?
.:. Lol, seriously what is it with animals chasing off bears? Especially animals that really should be afraid of the this eight month old puppy...
.:. Aww, poor kitty cat...walled up in a tub for seven weeks...
.:. Weird...the cat has four ears!! Yes, that was not a typo, the cat has four ears.
.:. Aww, how cute...monkeys are empathetic, too. They like to give and receive, also.
.:. Poor baby elephant...his confused mommy was too aggressive to be around him...but everything is okay now.
.:. Umm, okay...what's wrong with having animals in the town? A one-horse town is soon to become a no-horse town...
.:. An abandoned newborn was found safe with a mother dog and her sweet is that?
.:. Oh my gosh...what a lucky toddler!! His diaper pretty much saved his life...
.:. Oh, man...that's pretty crazy, she was able to diagnose the baby's cancer from a picture...
.:. Seriously now, how unfair is that? Just because a kid is better than the majority of the kids in the league, he's banned from playing?
.:. Last Friday, I mentioned something about the girl who was arrested for not paying her library's an update on her.
.:. Talk about your loyal customer...53 new Cadillacs in 53 years!
.:. What idiots...two self-called grammar police defaced a sign at the Grand Canyon National Park...
.:. Oh em gee...I want to be as lucky as this couple is, they won a $350,000 jackpot four times in one week. Four times in one week!
.:. Look! A new Rate-a-Trailer from E!...this time it's for a new Fast and the Furious...and it's with the original cast members, so y'know maybe it'll be good...
Okay...well, that's all for this week...

And lastly, some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Only Thirty-Nine More Quarters to Go!
Hobo: Can you spare a quarter?
Young female Brit on phone: Just a sec, Mitch* (turns to hobo) what is it?
Hobo: A quarter, can you spare a quarter?
Brit: A qua-what?
Hobo: Twenty five f***ing cents!
Brit: Here, have your quarter. fact, take a dollar, go get pissed, or do crack. Or weed. Whatever you...
Hobo (interrupting): Actually, I was thinking sushi tonight.
-- 29th & 6th

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