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Sunday, August 3, 2008

with friends like you who needs enemies you ain't right you ain't never gonna be you're out of the call I'm afraid you've been declined

Yesterday afternoon, I posted the following bulletin on MySpace:

I'm not sure what to do...I don't really want any reminder of a cold-hearted person...but that would mean getting rid of a few things (or having to buy new ones to replace them)...what would you do if you were me? Any help you can give would greatly appreciated...thanks!!

And then I got the following response (copied exactly as it was in my MySpace Inbox) from one of the boy's best friends:

I'd say #1 don't post things like this on the's childish.

#2: If you would have followed my advice about respecting the people around you(including your boyfriend), not being so obviously self centered, and fixing/changing your bad attitude, you would not be in your situation. You have a foul presence Ashley. You need to grow up and learn to get along with people.

Good luck...

~[Name Withheld]

I don't understand why people can't follow the whole 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all' thing... ::sigh:: The worst part about him thinking that he can say something like that me, is that if the boy and I still get married, most likely he'll stand up in the wedding. I don't think as the best man, but as a groomsman at least. I don't even like the guy; he makes me uncomfortable because ever since I met him he's been inappropriate around me...but whatever. Hopefully now he'll leave me alone and never talk to me again. I thought that I'd already deleted him from my friend list a while ago, but I very quickly deleted him after that message.

I know that I shouldn't have let that upset me...but when I read that last night, it really upset me. Not so much because of who said it, but because at the time the boy and I were trying to talk to one another and work things out...and I was afraid that if his friend was stupid bold enough to say something like that to me (after sending the boy a text saying that he'd sent me a strongly worded MySpace message), then what would he say to him to his face and what did the boy think? Did he agree? And I'm not self-centered enough to think that I'm often a topic of discussion for the boy and his friends (I'm of the thinking that I'm almost never a topic of discussion).

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