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As of February 23, 2012, I have a very sweet, very cute little boy. Baby PGS is my world now.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

there he is my little man I'm sure he'll get in trouble every now and then and I pray to God that when he does I'll be just as understanding as my father was 'cause the last thing that I want to do is let him down so instead of being angry I'm gonna throw my arms around him and I'll say

Yay!! Next big pregnancy milestone has been met! Today is the start of Week 24, which means that Baby S. is now considered viable. Thankfully, the hospital that I'm supposed to deliver at has a Level III NICU, so if something happens and Baby S. decides to come too early, he'll have the best chance. :) Only 112 days until March 7, 2012.

In less than a week, I have my next prenatal check up. I hope to get some answers to questions I keep forgetting to ask. But I started writing them down, so hopefully, I remember to take my notebook with me, lol. More than likely I will have a glucose test scheduled to test for gestational diabetes. There aren't really any telltale symptoms, so I'm hoping that I pass the darn test! I'm having a hard enough time with the restrictions I already have, I don't want the added restrictions of GD. If I'm lucky, I'll have my next ultrasound scheduled at my next appointment, too. Since that will be just about 29 Weeks and my doctor wants to do a follow-up u/s around 30 Weeks. My hope is that she'll do it prior to 30 Weeks as opposed to after. But oh, well. Either way, just before Christmas or just after New Year's, I'll be having another u/s to check out Baby S.'s kidneys. Just to make sure they're un-dilating on their own instead of being a problem for him after he's born.

I'm supposed to be drinking a ridiculous amount of water every day. Whether it's allowed or not, I count my little glass of orange juice and my medium glass of milk each day in my water intake. If I didn't count those, too, I'd be doing even worse than I already am. I barely reach the halfway point each day. I'm just not thirsty enough to down the massive amounts of water. When I'm on the ground floor, I keep a water glass on the counter and force myself to take a drink every time I go in the kitchen (or near the kitchen). And then I have a water bottle next to my bed (that takes about a week to empty, and it's only 16 ounces). And when I come upstairs to play on my computer, I bring my water glass with me. That's the time that I can usually drink the most water. I absentmindedly drink it. But honestly, I hate having to drink all this water!! Not because it means I have to pee more - I don't - it just means that I pee more than a trickle. I really think Baby S. is pressing on my bladder all day, because I don't have a UTI. But because my stomach then feels full of liquid and I feel even more squished than I already do. I'm not a very tall person, so there really isn't much room for my organs to be moved around and there really isn't much room for Baby S. He can only go out, so I look farther along than a taller woman would at the same point. And my organs can only go up and back. :(

Since finding out that I'm pregnant, I joined a couple of online parenting communities. Specifically their March 2012 Birth boards. Since joining and seeing the craziness of people, I realized that I have a crap ton less sympathy/empathy than I thought I did. Maybe I just haven't encountered the "right" people, but on quite a few topics, I can't see the other view at all. I've tried and I just get annoyed with the people. And since I want to offend people as little as possible, I refuse to say what those topics are.

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