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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

all the right friends in all the right places so yeah, we're going down they've got all the right moves in all the right faces so yeah, we're going down

::sigh:: For the first time this pregnancy, I called my OB's office about something going on and was told to go to Labor and Delivery if it didn't get any better or got worse. Well...about two and a half hours after they had called me back with my doctor's suggestion, my pain wasn't worse, but it wasn't any better and I had some new sensations to it. Since the combination of those things stressed me to the point of crying over the pain (because, yes, it did hurt me that badly), my wonderful fiancé took me to my hospital's L&D department and sat in the boring hospital with me.

Turns out, I was overreacting. The best guess of the certified nurse midwife on call was that it's round ligament pain. Really? I got worried about a perfectly normal pregnancy symptom for my first doctor call? ::sigh:: That's why I feel like I overreacted. Well, that in combination with the fact that I think I only had two ER visits as a child. I had to be really badly off for my parents to make a special trip, lol. And with the way my worrisome nature is going during this pregnancy, I'm so going to triple that count by the time March gets here.

Unfortunately, unless I can become super active, it's likely to continue and/or get worse. Well...when I walk around too much, the sciatica on my left side flares up. It's bad enough that as opposed to the every 3-5 months it would happen before getting pregnant has turned into every 2-4 weeks while pregnant. I don't need to agitate it more by getting super active. I'm trying to move around the house more and stretch out. I know that I need to start working out with the prenatal yoga DVD so that my body feels less tight. If I can get motivated, then that is my goal for tomorrow: do some prenatal yoga and balance games in WiiFit Plus.

I was slightly annoyed with the CNM because I can't sit up too quickly without excruciating pain right now (it's one of those sciatica days) and she put the bed up so quickly that I had tears in my eyes from the back pain and then of course, couldn't move very well for the next few minutes. And this was after telling her already that lying flat on my back hurts a lot due to the nerve pain. The L&D nurse though was very nice about it. She tried to be gentle and slow so that it was the least amount of discomfort. But unfortunately, you have to lie flat on your back for them to put a fetal monitor on your stomach. Baby S. kept kicking where the monitor was strapped around me. :) It was funny, because every time the fetal monitor gets moved it makes an annoying staticky noise and he kept making it happen.

But, there are two positives to the unnecessary L&D trip this afternoon. First, in the last two weeks, I have only gained .4 lbs - which means a few things: Baby S has slowed down his rate of growth (or I lost weight and he's still growing like a weed); and I still haven't broken that evil number yet. And second, I now know where L&D is and might not have to schedule a hospital tour after all.

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