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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

the 7 things I hate about you you're vain your games you're insecure you love me you like her you make me laugh you make me cry

Soo...this isn't exactly how I'd planned on starting this post, but anyway... I decided on using Miley Cyrus' 7 Things lyrics as the title to the post tonight, just 'cause, and she lists seven things in the beginning of the chorus and then says:
"And the 7th thing I hate the most that you do
You make me love you"
at the end of the chorus. Soo...that's a total of eight things, Miss Miley Cyrus...learn to count, darlin'., two weeks ago when WALL-E came out and I went to see it, y'know how excited I was? Well...times have changed now that I've seen it three times. Yes, you read that correctly. Three the movie theatre. I took the girls to see it today because their dad asked me to take them to see a movie and then on Sunday I had taken my 12 y/o brother to see it because I'd told him that I'd take him to the movies.

And...of course, it's Tuesday, so I haven't talked to the boy at all today. ::sigh:: And this is probably why he thinks that I can't/couldn't deal with him having a job that required him to pull the same types of hours as a doctor. If only I could get him to understand that I could deal with's just that communication would be needed. Too bad he likes to go for days without even saying anything to me.

***Spoiler Alert***

Anais in San Francisco: Anything good about Gossip Girl? You know you love it.
As if that were open for debate! I'm hearing Dan and Serena's on-again, off-again roller-coaster romance takes center stage for Kristen Bell's Gossip Girl's blog in the new season—so much so that a group of passionate tween readers accost Dan and Serena to give them a stern talking-to about what they're doing wrong. Tee-hee.

Spoilers from E! online's Watch with Kristin

Some sorta spoiler-like news about Rescue Me and Scrubs, also from E! online's Watch with Kristin.

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