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Thursday, July 3, 2008

I feel irrational so confrontational to tell the truth I am getting away with murder it is impossible to never tell the truth 20 y/o brother annoys the hell out of me. My 12 y/o brother was on the computer and asked me to help him figure out why his playlist wasn't I went out there to help him figure it out. And we did (it's the parental controls stopping him from being able to access the site properly...and for some reason the 11 y/o has a higher level of access than he does, weird), so then the 20 y/o decided he was going to take the computer from the 12 y/o and try to figure out how to make the playlist work. So what if he'd been on the computer pretty much from the time that he woke up this afternoon. Ugh...::sigh:: deep breaths, it's not worth getting stressed over. Right?

And then, today, the 11 y/o thinks that 4:00p is a good time to wake up to start the day! Are you freakin' kidding me? He needs to start going to bed before the sun comes up, not after. He seems to think that because it's summer that he can stay up all night playing on the computer. Haha!! I don't think that's going to keep happening when our mom finds out that he didn't get up until 4:00p and that was only because his three older siblings kept harassing him until he got out bed. I really don't think his dad's going to be happy when he finds out that the kid stayed up until 6:00 or 6:30a, whatever he said it was, and then didn't get up until 4:00p. Especially since I think his dad has the next few days off until Monday.

I normally watch the girls until a quarter to 3:00p on Thursdays, but today their mom was taking them to see either WALL-E or the new American Girl movie, so I was done with them at about twenty to 1:00p. So I was home by was awesome. Not that I really used my extra free time to do anything productive. I mean, other than wake up my two youngest brothers. Lazy bums. Actually, all three of them are...well, four if you count the one that lives with my dad, too.'s something that I saw yesterday, that totally sucks: house accidentally demolished as a result of a moved sign. On top of it, she's lost all of her least she wasn't in the house at the time.

And then this kid has stolen a police car, twice!, because he wants to be a cop when he grows up. The worst part is that noone even noticed the missing police cruiser.

And now for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Be Sure to Bury Me with My DS
Little girl with Nintendo DS: Mommy, since I can't sleep in my room tonight, do I still have to help you right now?
Mom: Yes, you can still help.
Little girl: Ugh, fine. Just let me go die.
-- Union Square

Mommy and Our Piano Tuner, to Use a Hypothetical Example
Father to little daughter: You are the most beautiful girl in this photo... and I'm not biased.
(daughter smiles)
Father: Do you know what "biased" means?
Daughter (rolling her eyes): Yes, it means that you like both boys and girls.
-- F Train

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