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Thursday, July 17, 2008

looking in your eyes seeing all I need everything you are is everything to me these are the moments I know Heaven must exist

Even though it's still two years away (the countdown thingy says exactly how long), some planning has already begun for the boy's and my wedding...

He hasn't really said anything to me, so to me that just means unless he says he objects to something that I want...he's okay with it. Such as how my mom and I have kind of decided on place for the reception to take place (the American Polish Cultural Center). Mostly because I was pleased to find a place that has decent food (read: I have eaten there before and the food wasn't that bad) and serves something other than just your standard fish, chicken or beef entré (read: they'll serve me something that I will eat!! they'll serve ham and pineapple). Plus, my mom has been there in the past few years for a wedding or two and it's nice, she said. So...even though this place can accommodate up to 450 guests, my mom doesn't want more than 125 she told me. I'm okay with that. Because to try and spend at least a minute with with every guest would take more than two hours!! I really don't like small talk either. Oh, yeah...and I don't like it when all eyes are on me. So even though this whole wedding thing is something that I'm totally looking forward to...I am [minorly] dreading it at the same time.'s a few ideas that I have for the daddy-daughter dance (listed in order of my preference):
.:. Tim McGraw "My Little Girl"
.:. Heartland "I Loved Her First"
.:. Faith Hill "There You'll Be"
.:. Carrie Underwood (or The Pretenders) "I'll Stand By You"
.:. Christina Aguilera "I Turn to You"
.:. Chuck Wicks "Stealing Cinderella"
.:. Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus "Ready, Set, Don't Go"
.:. Staind "Zoe Jane"
.:. The Temptations "My Girl"
.:. Louis Armstrong (or Joey Ramone) "What a Wonderful World"
.:. Kenny Chesney "There Goes My Life"
Here's a player with some of the songs (not all of the songs were available):

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(push play it will not autostart)

And then here's the massive list of ideas that I have for a possible song for the 'first dance' (again, listed in order of my preference):
.:. Alison Krauss (or Keith Whitley) "When You Say Nothing At All"
.:. Sara Evans (or Edwin McCain) "I Could Not Ask for More"
.:. No Doubt "Running"
.:. Dashboard Confessional "Stolen"
.:. Shakira "Underneath Your Clothes"
.:. Shania Twain "You've Got a Way"
.:. Aerosmith "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"
.:. Gwen Stefani "The Real Thing"
.:. Shania Twain "When You Kiss Me"
.:. No Doubt "Underneath it All"
.:. Lifehouse "You and Me"
.:. Keith Urban "Raining on Sunday"
.:. Shania Twain "You're Still the One"
.:. Dashboard Confessional "Dusk and Summer"
.:. Keith Urban "Making Memories of Us"
.:. Shania Twain "Forever and For Always"
.:. Edwin McCain "I'll Be"
Here's another player with some of the songs (again, not all of the songs were available):

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones
(push play it will not autostart)

As you can tell, the boy and I don't have "a song." That's kind of ridiculous and I find couples that have one, to be dorky. So instead I've come up with a list of some songs that might be suitable...but I have no idea what he might want. I figure we still have at least 18 months before we actually need to sit down and pick a song.

Plus, for both lists of songs, I was just going by what I heard (for most of the songs because I don't have the cds with the lyrics in them), so until the lyrics are seen...these songs are only tentative choices. And they end openly because I don't know if the boy is going to want to add songs, as well as wanting to remove songs (to the first dance list only), or suggest songs (to the daddy-daughter dance list). Also, I don't know what songs may be released in the future that could potentially be a good choice. Oh, yeah...any of the songs where there are two artists listed with one in parenthesis, the artist in parenthesis is an alternative version/choice. But Joey Ramone "What a Wonderful World" isn't an alternative choice...because my dad really likes The Ramones, so I kinda thought that was a possibility. Just not sure about the tempo of the song...just like a few other songs on both lists. But honestly, if it's in's not an alternative choice. At least, not to me...because I don't really like that version.

Oh!, and I don't care what my mom says...but there is so totally going to be a 'Do Not Play' list for the DJ. Because who really needs to see to the drunks trying to dance along to a group song? Same with who really needs to torture the elderly with the Macarena? Among those banned will be:
.:. the Chicken Dance
.:. the Hokey Pokey
.:. the YMCA
.:. the Locomotion
.:. the Macarena
.:. anything by Coldplay (because I despise their music)
It's very simple for the DJ to avoid playing any of those, all s/he has to do should one of those be requested by a guest, is simply say that s/he has to to play all of our requests first that s/he will get to it... S/he doesn't have to say when it will be gotten to...right?

So...see? Some planning has begun...a reception site and music. Oh, yeah! and a maximum count of guests. So that's a start...pretty good, right?

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