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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I created the Sound of Madness wrote the book on pain somehow I'm still here to explain that the darkest hour never comes in the night

I like this slideshow of America's Most Incredible National Parks. And...I've actually visited the parks in pictures 2 and 6. I liked the park in picture 2 better than the park in picture 6. Here are some pictures that I took while visiting there (and other places).

This made me giggle when I read it: unwitting 73 y/o Dutch man tends marijuana plants on doorstep.

What a fruit loop! This guy shot his lawn mower because it wouldn't start.

And...I'm not quite sure how good of an idea gummy bears to help fight tooth decay in elementary age kids is... Y'know? Because there are quite a few kids that would just want to pig out on the sweets and then they'd have healthy teeth, but then have other health problems (such as obesity).

And's some amusement from Overheard in New York...

The Girls Learn How Important It Is to Be Cute
Man: That's a very cute dog!
Girl #1: Yes, she is. My dad got her at a pet store. He was going to get a dog at the shelter, but he didn't want to.
Girl #2: Yeah, so the dog he would have gotten at the shelter died, because it was a kill shelter.
Dad: Um, I'm not really taking full responsibility for that.
Girl #1: The dog was killed. Just because you didn't want it.
Girl #2: Yeah, dad.
Dad: Really. I think this is less than 5% my fault. Look, this where we get off.
Man: Have a good night! Sleep well.
-- Elevator, 82nd & 3rd

Ten Bucks Says He's Making Water Balloons
Hipster passing large, bald man blocking doorway: Excuse me.
Large, bald man: What are you in a hurry for?
(hipster points to condoms and goes to the counter to pay for them)
Large, bald man: You're totally on a condom run!
(hipster smiles and glances back to the man)
Large, bald man: Did you pull out of that s***?
Hipster: Nope, just having marathon sex.
Large, bald man: I'd high-five you, but I know where those hands have been.
(hipster leaves, laughing)
-- Deli, 7th Ave & Christopher St

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