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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm just a girl my apologies what I've become is so burdensome I'm just a girl lucky me twiddle-dum there's no comparison

My youngest brother annoys the hell out of me. The kid seems to think that the world revolves around him. He likes to drink all the juice, but he'll never make any when he's the one to finish it. And then he'll complain that there's nothing to drink in the house. And then when you tell him that if he leaves the empty container on the counter instead of in the fridge, it's going to need to be washed before anyone can make juice again, he just ignores you because he's too engrossed in playing his stupid game on the computer. Between him and the 12 y/o, all they do is play on the computer.

Oh, nice...he just left with our grandma and still there isn't any juice. That's cool. What the hell? Why am I expected to do it? Just because I'm a girl? I don't think so.

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