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Friday, July 25, 2008

waiter! bring me water! I gotta make him keep his cool bring me water! he's acting like a fool bring me water!

And today the Cosmo horoscope says...
Libra - If you're on a man-pleasing mission tonight, Saturn says that your first priority should be to prolong his staying power so that you get satisfaction too.
Hahahahaha!!! I don't know what to say to that...

But's been a few days since I posted anything. So it's time for the weekly round up of what amused me this week...
.:. An interesting article from Psychology Today about liars: Spotting the Liar. Ways to know when someone is lying...well, y'know, as long as the person lying to you isn't an expert liar (e.g. sociopath).
.:. An interesting article from Psychology Today about voice messages: Voice Messages. The tone of voice used to speak conveys meaning...and it's not gonna lie.
.:. An older man was coming out of a bank when he stumbled and the wind then blew his money into the surrounding area...but did the people in the area do the "right" thing and help him collect his scattered money or not?
.:. Oh em gee...6-year-old girl found $9000 diamond ring in parking lot...
.:. ................................................................ Just read it yourself? Because there aren't really any words to describe the horror.
.:. Haha, students (and residents, too) are oversharing on Facebook. I agree with the girl towards the end of the article though; her use of the 'Dad Test' is a good idea.
.:. An interesting article about superhero movies, but specifically The Dark Knight: The Smart Knight.
.:. The CW's new ad campaign for Gossip Girl: Cinemax, Er, CW Bares New Gossip Girl Ads. Maybe it's just because I'm only 22 y/o...or maybe it's just because I've already read every book in the series (which are actually pretty worse than the show is)...but I don't find the posters to be that bad.

And now for the stuff this week that caused me to think of the boy in some way:
.:. some slideshow thingy about The 15 Hottest Games of Summer
.:. another slideshow thingy about the E3 2008 Picks and Pans
.:. and this made me confused: Nintendo Wii: Banned in the USA?
.:. and this is some video of some George Carlin rant that somehow I saw (I don't remember why):

And now for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

I Managed to Struggle to the Surface Often Enough to Get Air
Fat woman #1, at intermission: Man, these seats are tight!
Fat woman #2: Oh my god, tell me about it! My butt is killing me!
Fat woman #1, to skinny guy sitting in between them: Was I spilling over into your seat?
Skinny guy: You both were.
-- New Amsterdam Theatre

They're So Cute Before They Learn to Cuss
(random guy trips over three-year-old girl's stroller)
Guy: Oops, I'm sorry, honey.
Three-year-old girl in stroller: Don't call me honey!
-- Atlantic Ave Station

...For Taking Pictures Of My Bed and Posting Them on the Internet.
Dad: So what's that thing you want for your birthday again?
Little boy: A Wii.
Dad: Wii? As in wee-wee? Gross!
Little boy: You're immature.
Dad: You wet the bed.
Little boy: You're immature.
-- 1 Train

A Couple More Blocks and You'll Start Seeing the Hipsters
Girl to her friend: Where are we?
Old man passing by: It only gets worse...
-- 4 Ave & 14th St, Brooklyn

Art teacher: This piece is from the enlightenment period in England and is called "Marriage a la Mode".
Kid to friend: Wait...marriage with ice cream?
-- Bronx Science Art History Class

Still Think Only Women Play That Game?
Five-year-old son: I'm mad at you.
Mom: Why honey?
Five-year-old son: Because you wouldn't buy me an umbrella!
Mom: You never asked for one!
-- Times Square Shuttle

Wednesday One-Liners Haven't Met Most Of Their Friends
Assistant on phone, about her 17-year-old daughter's MySpace page: I find it interesting that she and her friend Shannon have the same friend listed. Some 32-year-old guy in California named Tom!
-- Office on 42nd & Madison
...there are four more one-liners.

Drink Deep, or Taste Not the Wednesday One-Liners!
Drunk girl, accidentally taking swig of vodka instead of water: This wetness is spicy!
-- Bergen St, Brooklyn
...there are five more one-liners.

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