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Friday, July 11, 2008

when you look me in the eyes and tell me that you love me everything's alright when you're right here by my side

Yay, it's Friday!! That means that I get to see my fiancé!! Of course, that probably also means that we'll fight, too...because when don't we fight? ::sigh::

And now for the round-up of the stuff that's amused me this week...

Top 10 Animal Hissy Fits as counted down by Animal Planet...I wasn't going to include it until I got to the #4 animal and it made me giggle.

Umm...okay...some brothel in Nevada is offering free gas to those who visit...

This week was a strange week for police and drugs in the news...because first, two people were arrested for growing cannabis in a cemetery...and then later in the week, cops found $400,000 in cocaine in the car that they'd been driving around two months.

This made me think of the boy when I saw it the other day: 14 Classic Tech Rivalries.

How unaware of the "new guy" were the firefighters in some German town, that they didn't notice the drunk guy that wanted to play fireman and went out on an actual call with them?

That would be one way to get out of your marriage...just flip your spouse up into the wall with the fold-out bed and kill him/her in the process. Not exactly legal, but it worked for her.

And now for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

We Should Move to the Country. Where I Can Beat You
Seven-year-old boy (spelling everything he says): D-a-d-c-a-n-I-h-a-v-e-a-d-o-g?
Dad: N-o-t-n-o-w.
Seven-year-old boy: Shut yo' mouth!
-- Uptown 6 Train

What's That on Your Shirt? A Maple Leaf?
Mother: Honey, what is wrong with your eyes?
Teen daughter: I am stoned.
Mother: You look like you have allergies.
Teen daughter: I am stoned.
Mother: Maybe it's pink eye.
-- Central Park

Mom Finally Comes to Terms with It
Mom: You're not cooking anymore. You're awful.
Daughter: I don't like cooking. I'd rather bake.
Mom: Of course you would, you f***ing stoner.
-- A Train

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