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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a little bit of guitar a little bit of truck a little bit of hound-dog an' a little bit of luck a little bit of bacon a little bit of beans a little bit of you lovin' up on me a little bit of how it's s'posed to be a little bit of life

Day 27: Favorite fiction book
Obviously, the book used twice already is actually my favorite. But another book I like a lot had to go here. :) So this isn't necessarily my favorite, just one I like a lot and enough to read more than once. But I can say that I like almost every book by Philippa Gregory that I have read. So far The Other Queen is the only one I'm not a fan of. I've been reading it for three months now. It's barely 200 pages and I can read 700+ pages of the last Harry Potter book in about two days. Do you really think the book is that hard to read?

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