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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

well I'm waiting here to take a fall and everything, everything's my fault

Grr...I'm grouchy and frustrated...mostly frustrated though... ::sigh:: Seriously, I think I was thinking about something all day long...and then when it came time for it to happen...nothing. It was like there was an on/off switch and suddenly the switch was flipped to 'off.' wasn't cool... And another thing frustrating me is that this certain someone always gets this whiny sounding voice when he believes the thing bothering me is his fault. Cuz y'know everything is his fault. Puh-leze. It just annoys me to no end when he gets like that. ::sigh:: Don't get me wrong, on occasion it is his fault...but the majority of the time it's not his fault and no matter what I say to him, he doesn't believe me. Of course, spilling my guts (in a slightly censored way) to the anonymity and vastness that is the internet isn't exactly the greatest response to the stressor. ::sigh::

Oh! and since the boy is always too tired for my liking...I've decided that we can't see one another after 11:00p anymore. Even on Saturdays because he has a morning class, so he's still tired on Saturday evenings. I'm sick of always feeling frustrated with him because I feel like I can't hold his attention for more than a few minutes. So...that could mean no seeing him on Tuesdays, Thursdays and possibly Wednesdays due to our respective school schedules. And just what I want...avoidance of him for nearly half the week... That's just going to result in a guy with one thing on his mind when he does finally see me. Not a good situation for either one of us...because eventually one is (or both are) going to feel lousy in the relationship... ::sigh::

**disclaimer: I am well aware of the fact that there are times that he doesn't get a whiny sounding tone...I was just frustrated and in need of some venting**

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