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Thursday, October 11, 2007

'cause I'm zero to sixty in three point five baby you got the keys shut up and drive, drive, drive, drive

My head hurts...and it won't go's highly annoying...

But mommy and I went to Office Depot and got more printer ink this I was able to get nearly everything printed for my classes that I needed to. The only things not printed are the two assignments that I haven't finished duh, I print those yet. I just have to color in a few of the images on my ideal self booklet before I put it together and turn it in...I decided to color stuff in because I didn't like the preset colors on some of the clipart so I used the b&w images instead. And I made some crap up for my genogram...because instead of normal things (like deceased, married, single, etc.) my teacher wanted us to put in who is happy, is successful, has financial problems, has trouble with the law...seriously, the woman is a fruit loop!!

::sigh:: Friday was my birthday...and some poopyheaded cop gave me a speeding my driveway! I couldn't handle one more stressor that it made me cry a bunch. Even though I wasn't really all that upset at getting a ticket. It was just the fact that I'm already stressed out excessively...and my head hurt so badly that it was a wonder that I wasn't already in tears from was all just too much for me to handle at the time.

Okay...I have a (approximately) 1/4" stack of paper from the printer to sort out and put into the correct darling!!

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