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Thursday, October 18, 2007

I may have made it rain please forgive me my weakness caused you pain and this song's my sorry poor baby brother... I came on here to check my email, but decided to do this as well after hearing the pathetic sounding kid. His throat hurts...really badly. He's still awake (bedtime is 10:30p) and whimpering. He said something about "the pain won't go away." Poor kid. I'm pretty sure that he just has a bug of some sort, because I know he hasn't done anything to hurt himself. Plus, I think it's not as bad as he feels right now since I'm pretty sure that he's overtired and that always makes matters worse.

And...right now...I'm really confused as to whether or not I'm still getting married. I gave him the rings (engagement and promise) back...and he did put them back onto my fingers...but... I don't know, I just worry that my impulsive nature when we fight has made him less wanting to marry me. Yes, he told me not to worry...but I still am... Especially since this time I actually told someone very soon after giving back the rings that I wasn't getting married anymore. The other two (maybe three) times that I gave back the rings I didn't tell anyone that I'd done that. But the thing was an impulsive decision (that I regretted immediately) to do that...and I want us to be able to work things out and eventually get married. I realize that we're pretty young to be making such a huge decision...but there are so many things that we both have similar views on and we're aware of the fact that marriage isn't some fairy tale ending where the bride and groom live happily ever after. Plus...we love each other and we want to make our marriage work... order for us to do that...we have to fix what's wrong in our relationship... ::sigh:: We just aren't sure of how to go about that... We're pretty sure that our problems are a result of an underlying problem (communication)...we just aren't 100% sure of how to go about resolving that dilemma...

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