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Friday, October 26, 2007

there must be another way 'cause I believe in taking chances

We Can Keep Sleeping Together Though, Right?
Guy #1: Okay, so this news I have to tell you...
Guy #2: Yeah...
Guy #1: You're the first one I'm telling, so don't mention this to anyone yet -- I wanna be the one to break the news to everyone. It's big. And I don't want this to change anything between us or the guys -- I'm still the same James*. But it just feels right... I feel like it's time.
Guy #2, looking very uncomfortable: Uh, dude...
Guy #1: I know, you're gonna tell me I'm crazy. But I've actually been thinking about it for a long time [pulls velvet box out of jacket and opens it to reveal huge diamond ring].
Guy #2: Whoa, bro...
Guy #1: Dude... I'm gonna ask Danielle to marry me.
Guy #2: Oh, Jesus. Dude, that's awesome -- that's really great! Wonderful! I'm so happy for you!
Guy #1, accepting huge hug from guy #2: Wow, dude, you're really happy about this.
Guy #2: Bro, you have no idea what I thought you were gonna say.
-- Park bench, Central Park

Explains the Outcome of Their Last Gubernatorial Election
Student: I think social deviance is relative.
Professor: That's a good theory. Explain it.
Student: Well, if you're a New Yorker and a stranger goes up to you and says hi, you'd be like, 'Why the hell are you talking to me?' But if you're from California, you'd be like, 'Oh, hey, this stranger is saying hi to me!'
Professor: That's because everyone in California is perpetually on crack.
--Sociology, Fordham University

Overheard in New York
...duh...where else would I get something that amusing...

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