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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

and with a broken wing she still sings she keeps an eye on the sky

I don't wanna do my homework...who wants to do it for me?

Meh...on a brighter note...I'm totally getting these cute boots!! Well...I will be after I order them anyway. I don't know for sure, but I may be watching the girls until 7:30p today. Yesterday when watching them I managed to break a storage container. But since I wasn't going to see their mom before I had to leave, I left a note for her. So...I don't know if she wants me to replace it or not yet. It's no big deal if I have to replace it, it's just the Gladware stuff (eh, maybe it's Ziploc...I don't know).

Yesterday...I pretty much spent all day with little children. And with the little boy...he wanted to play sword fight...and he was continuously chopping my legs off at the knees. But y'know...he was invincible cuz he was made of worms and they would regrow his chopped off body, naturally, he won the sword fight.

Anyway...I'm going to go work on my homework...nobody's offered to do it for I must do it on my own... Oh! the sorrow...

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