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As of February 23, 2012, I have a very sweet, very cute little boy. Baby PGS is my world now.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

you wanna know how to make me smile take control, own me just for the night and if I share my secret you're gonna have to keep it nobody else can see this

Woohoo!! I am officially 37 weeks pregnant today. Do you know what that means? Baby S. is full term now. Of course, another week or so is always better, but still. This means I can stop feeling so d*** guilty that I want nothing more than for him to be born already. I'm still having contractions daily, but of course, they're still inconsistent and don't fall under "signs of labor" yet.

I have three doctor appointments to share about today. Last week's prenatal appointment, this morning's prenatal appointment and this afternoon's pediatrician appointment.

Last week for my 36 week appointment, I had the GBS test (look it up if you're so curious, because I'm not explaining it :P). I also had my cervix checked...still hate those. No dilation and she didn't say anything to me about effacement. :( And because I mentioned that there was less movement than before, I had an unexpected NST after my appointment. Baby S. was probably sleeping when they first hooked me up to the monitors because after about 15 minutes, he got "buzzed" (quick vibration on either side of my stomach to hopefully startle him into movement). Luckily, he started moving around some more and the NST didn't have to go on too long.

For the first time this pregnancy, my weekly appointment falls on the same day as the week starts. :) Normally, my doctor is not in the office at all on Wednesdays because it's her surgery day, but this week is different. She was supposed to be out of the office all week, so I was scheduled to see another doctor tomorrow morning, but yesterday morning I received a phone call from her nurse about rescheduling for today with my regular OB. But weight gain is normal and not a problem. Baby S. is finally measuring closer to his gestational age; I wasn't told my exact fundal height, just that he's measuring on track. So I took that to mean that he's not measuring as far ahead anymore. But I can't catch a break this pregnancy, my BP has been super slowly going up the last few appointments and this morning it was a huge jump from last week. Nothing has changed, yet my BP was 140/86!!

This afternoon my fiancé and I met with a pediatrician for Baby S. She's pretty young, but on paper I liked her because she, like her colleagues, is affiliated with the local children's hospital and the pediatrician practice is also affiliated with the hospital that I'm pre-registered to give birth at. She is going to be his pediatrician because both of us liked her. She was easy to talk to and didn't treat us like she knows everything because she has the medical license. She said a lot of things depend on how the baby is once he gets here. While some things seem black and white, they're not because each child is different.


  1. Ahhh!! SO CLOSE!!! Hang in there love <3

  2. I'm hoping he comes this weekend...but it probably won't happen. Even though I spent half the day, today, in L&D because of possible labor.