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As of February 23, 2012, I have a very sweet, very cute little boy. Baby PGS is my world now.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

if I die young, bury me in satin lay me down on a bed of roses sink me in the river at dawn send me away with the words of a love song the sharp knife of a short life, well I've had just enough time

Day #25: A movie that makes you cry
When I looked through the challenge list and saw Day 27 on there, I originally saved this picture for that day (along with the picture that I chose to use on Day 27). But I decided that the other scene fit better on Day 27. Up had a saddening montage of the lives of Ellie and Carl, and while most of it probably goes over the heads of the children watching the movie, there are some very sad things shown. And then when she dies, I did tear up a little. And for me, that's about as close to crying at a movie as I'm going to get.

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