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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

sometimes these cuts are so much deeper than they seem you'd rather cover up I'd rather let them bleed so let me be and I'll set you free

We're now officially in Week 35! Which means there are approximately 35 days left. I'm to the point of being so darn impatient! I'm so ready to meet Baby S.! While on one hand, I want the healthiest baby possible...on the other hand, I am so over being pregnant.

Sunday morning, I ended up in L&D for observation. I was having so many Braxton-Hicks contractions that I had to go in and get a shot to stop the contractions. I ended up there for almost four hours. I have a nasty bruise on my left wrist from where the stupid RN in OB Triage stuck the needle clear through my vein. I was in so much pain from that. Whatever she did, I couldn't feel my index finger at all, and I could barely feel my thumb and middle finger. I felt like such a baby because I couldn't stop crying. But when she went through my vein like that, I was in so much pain, I couldn't even talk for a minute. If I'd been more awake when she wanted to put the IV in, I would have refused the IV. I wasn't dehydrated, so I still have no idea why I needed two bags of IV fluids to hydrate me.
Those are pictures of my left hand/wrist later the same day as the ill-fated needle pokes. As you can tell from my latest trip to the L&D department of the hospital I'm supposed to deliver at, I really don't want to go back there until I absolutely have to. Which means, if I can help it, I won't be returning until I am for sure in labor and coming home with a baby in a day or two. And honestly, the only reason I don't want to switch hospitals is because I really like my doctor. I feel comfortable with her. What really pissed me off about the nurse blaming me for the screwed up needle poke is that I know I did not jerk my hand away like she claimed I did. I may be terrified of needles, but I never move in a jerky motion when someone is attempting to insert a port for an IV or a blood draw. If anything, I stiffen up and am too tense.

I'm so behind on getting stuff done. I haven't started my "Thank You" cards for my shower yet. :( And I have a baby book to start filling out for Baby S.; it's a super cute baby journal that goes up to age three. But the first few pages are for before the baby is born. Y'know, stuff like who Mom and Dad are and the grandparents.

And because my fiancé's mom was here last week, I'm so not in the mood to cook. She's from Michigan like I am, but currently lives in the Netherlands, so when she's in the States, she likes to go out to eat at her favorite restaurants. Which means while she was here, I didn't cook once. So not a good situation for the girl who hates to cook as it is, lol. And it doesn't help that I have so many contractions all day long now and standing for any period of time irritates my feet/legs due to the minimal swelling I have going on. The swelling in my hands bothers me more than the swelling in my feet. If only because I use my hands more.

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