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Thursday, June 23, 2011

everytime I see your face my heart takes off on a high speed chase now don't be scared it's only love baby that we're falling in

Ahhh!! It's really happening. Monday, my fiancé picks up the moving truck and then on Tuesday, we move. I will no longer be living where I've grown up. Not the house, just the area. It's a state away and a big change. :)

Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to this change. It's exciting and scary all at the same time. As a last chance to see the people we wanted to before moving, we're meeting a bunch of our friends at a local bowling alley for fun today. Yesterday, my grandma and uncle went out to eat with us. It was nice (maybe because it's hard to go wrong at that restaurant). A little over a week ago, we saw his grandparents. Now I still have to call my other grandma and set something up with her. Way to go, procrastination.

I finally got around to setting up an appointment with a friend who does an amazing job on nails (only took about a year). Seriously, see the picture. :)


  1. Your nails look gorgeous! Alex does a really good job!

    Have a great time tonight! Wish I was there!!! xoxo.

  2. I know! Alex is awesome. :) I just asked her to do whatever she thought was a good idea, just please no green or yellow. She wanted to use purple and summery. She chose the bluish sparkly color because I said blue and purple are my favorite colors.

    Too bad this won't last till Christmas when I come back to MI, lol.

  3. Yes, your nails look very Ashley :) haha!

  4. yes, your nails look very Ashley! haha :)