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As of February 23, 2012, I have a very sweet, very cute little boy. Baby PGS is my world now.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jesus take the wheel take it from my hands 'cause I can't do this on my own I'm letting go so give me one more chance to save me from this road I'm on Jesus take the wheel

Ahh!! Just barely two more months! It's now Week 31 and Baby S. is getting huge! :) Tomorrow, is my next appointment, so I [hopefully] find out if my due date is staying the same or moving. My fingers are crossed that it's moving, lol.

Sunday, 01/01, I was grocery shopping and learned that the reason people don't say anything negative to me in regards to pregnancy is more than likely due to the presence of my fiancé. My fiancé had to go to the restroom, so he left me alone to do some of the grocery shopping. Not a big deal. Well, a guy shopping for his female significant other (it's safe to make this assumption, he was buying a carton of ice cream and Always), noticed that I'm pregnant and asked when I'm due. I responded with "early March" and he said, "I'm sorry."
WTH?!? I know my stomach is larger than one might expect at early seven months, but still... I'm short, there's nowhere for this little baby to go but out. I was about as squished as my insides could handle around 5.5 months (so basically, November).

New Year's Eve was a low-key event with friends. We went over another couple's house and basically played Yahtzee and Uno until midnight, lol. Her niece and mom were over as well...and her niece is two years old, we rang in the new year to the sounds of Caillou. You know you're jealous, lol. His son was also over, but the little boy is one of those kids that doesn't do well when his schedule is messed up. So he was already in bed when my fiancé and I came over around 8:00pm. I was a little sad to miss seeing the kid, he's such a funny and adorable little boy.

And since his son is 18 months old, he gave us some more clothes and toys that his son has outgrown. Seriously, by the time my little boy gets here, all we're going to need is some food. We have so many clothes, blankets, caps, towels and wash clothes thanks to our friends. It's amazing. :)

Over Christmas, we had a little mini-baby shower with my fiancé's family since they're out of state and asking them to return less than a month later for a baby shower is unfair. So one of them came up with the idea that we have a little mini-shower at Christmas time. Anyway, thanks to his family, we have a convertible car seat (20-100 lbs), a pack n' play, a bathtime gift pack and a few other small things that we didn't register for, but also didn't think to include. We got some of those thick, burp cloth/changing pads from his grandma and aunt. Those are something that we didn't put on the registry, but I also didn't think to include them. I'm sure I had a reasoning for not including them, but I can't remember it right now.

January 21st is my baby shower. I can't wait to see some of my friends. I just hope that my mom got the invites mailed on time and people can make it. It's not even about the gifts, I just want to see my friends. :)


  1. I'm happy to hear that you are making/have friends in your new town! That's really nice! :)

    I bet you are really excited for your shower!

  2. Yep, new friends are awesome. We actually get to hang out with them often.

    And yes, I'm excited for the baby shower. I want to see my friends!! :)