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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

but Mama I'm in love with a criminal and this type of love isn't rational, it's physical Mama please don't cry, I will be alright all reason aside I just can't deny, I love the guy

Woo! Made it to the third trimester! Week 27 starts today, is also the start of the third trimester and means there are exactly three months left until the due date! Next week I have another appointment. This time I'll have the one-hour glucose tolerance test, I hope that I don't have gestational diabetes. This appointment was three weeks after the last one, but starting with my next prenatal appointment, it switches to every two weeks. And then I'm guessing, starting with Week 36 my appointments will switch to every week until Baby S. is born.

On Friday (12/02), my fiancé and I went on our monthly grocery shopping trip. My budget for the month is $200, but I try to keep the big trip on the first or second of the month to under $175 so that there is some money left over for little things that we might need later. Like milk - we go through so much milk. I'll be happy when I'm no longer pregnant and my lactose intolerance comes back, lol. And yay me! I kept it under $140 and that was with buying stuff that was not on the original grocery list, lol. But anyway, we went grocery shopping on Friday and in Walmart, my fiancé was standing behind me and placed his hands on my belly while I waited for some people to go by so that I could push the cart into the aisle I wanted, and a guy about the age of my parents walked by and said, "it's a boy!" We laughed, because it was kind of funny since he was right. And then at Giant Eagle a little later in the day, the girl doing the wine samples offered me one. Umm, hello? I definitely look pregnant now, no longer fat. I just politely told her, "no thank you." It's possible that when my coat is zipped up, as it was when she asked about a sample, I just look chubby. So I brushed off her silly offer. :)

Then on Saturday (12/03), we got together with some friends. And I got to play with their little boy. He's 18 months old and adorable!! After he went to bed, the adults played Carnival Games for the Kinect. It was fun, even if I didn't actually play. But the boys had fun. The weekend before, we'd all played Mario Party 8 on the Wii. Apparently, it's going to video game night every weekend, lol.

Last week, I mentioned the belly shots. I think I'm going to wait until the end and make a slideshow of the progression. But if you're really interested in seeing the growth of my belly, you can always check out the photos on facebook. Those are bi-weekly shots starting with week 20.

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