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Monday, December 19, 2011

well this heart of mine has been hardened like a stone it might take some time to get back what is gone but I'm movin' on and you don't haunt my dreams like you did before oh when I would curse your name

My fiancé asked me to post a link on my blog. It's for a cash for surveys site:
The site is CashCrate. Basically, for any person to click on the link and sign up, he gets a referral bonus. If you do choose to sign up, it will ask you for your first and last name and your mailing address.

I signed up because he asked me to. Plus, I'm home all day and frequently bored. I figured, making a dollar a day wasn't a complete waste of time. I only click on the Videos tab because it will minimize the unwanted emails. I guess if you have a disposable email address for the sole purpose of using CashCrate, then the offers aren't horrible. I'm posting a screenshot so you have a better idea of what I'm talking about. Right-click on the image to view in another tab to enlarge it.

I joined on December 14th, so you can see that it definitely takes time to build up money. But I guess if you're someone who only relies on CashCrate for an income and spend a lot of time doing the offers, surveys, etc. it might not take as long to reach the $20 minimum before they send you a check. And at the very least, you get $0.03 each day just for checking in and viewing an offer. You don't have to complete the offer for the daily $0.03 bonus.

*shrug* Like I said, it's something to do when I get bored and cleaning the house is already done.

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