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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

oh, I don't wanna spend my life jaded waiting to wake up one day and find that I've let all these years go by wasted

It's the start of Week 28. Which means no matter how you choose to look at it, I am without a doubt in the third and final trimester now. :) I know that I said last week was the start, but that's when I considered it started. My doctor doesn't consider it started until this week, week 28.

Last week I mentioned that my one hour glucose tolerance test is this week, it's tomorrow. Hopefully I pass! I was told that within two days, I would be notified if there was a problem, but I don't know if two days means by Monday, or by Saturday. I plan on asking that tomorrow when I go in. Still not looking forward to the stupid test at all. The drink sounds nasty. The nurse for my doctor described it as a really sugary, really flat soda. Blech!!

My fiancĂ© is really getting excited about the baby we're going to have soon. It's cute. ♥ In the past week, he's decided that our son-to-be is his little monkey and needs a monkey themed room. Which so far is the bathroom in the second bedroom. We have a monkey face bath rug, monkey toothbrush holder, monkey soap dispenser and monkey towels. He plans on getting the trash can, tumbler, shower curtain and shower hooks to match. I'm not sure if he plans on getting anymore towels or if one hand towel and one bath towel is enough. I just realized that the blue paint we picked out for Baby S.'s nursery is super close to the blue of the monkey towels! When we picked paint, there was no thought of a monkey theme anywhere, lol.

Oh, and last night we went into Walmart for coffee creamer and milk. We came out with a large stuffed monkey, lol. Don't worry, we also got the coffee creamer (two flavors), a gallon of milk and 5-piece bakeware set. I needed a bread/loaf pan so I can make banana bread. And even though we did not buy a super, high quality pan, it doesn't bother me. I plan on using it once every few months or so, I didn't need the best available. I just wanted something not aluminum foil with a clear plastic lid, lol.

I think from now on, I'll be referring to Baby S. as Baby Pages. His initials are P.G.S. and pgs. is the abbreviation for pages. We didn't do it on purpose, it just worked out that way. So when I think about him, I think of his as Baby Pages.

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