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Saturday, October 30, 2010

if someone said three years from now you'd be long gone I'd stand up and punch them out cos they're all wrong I know better cos you said "forever"

So...hooray for making it through the day without a hitch... And...that's not at all cryptic. :P

Anyway, if three years ago someone had said I wasn't going to get married today, I'd have thought they were crazy. Of course, I'd also have thought, maybe, just maybe they're right. Yeah, today was supposed to be my wedding...but that guy is now married to some other chick (if that seriously intrigues you, then look at the end of 2008 stuff) and I'm engaged to someone else. Someone who treats me better, actually follows through on promises (most of the time anyway, he's human so occasional mistakes are forgivable :)) and loves me for me. In a super cheesy line of thought, "Teenage Dream" is a pretty good representation of my thoughts.

Now if only we could actually agree on a plan for our wedding...


  1. So do you ever miss the other person? Is it cool, do you think, to miss and want something you lost and cant have anymore?

  2. first, meaning the first six months after the relationship ended, I did miss the guy. But then I realized, it was stupid to still the guy I wished he was as opposed to the guy I had been seeing. Besides, eventually, I was able to find a great guy...and we're still together. <3

  3. So how do you forget and let it go? I mean, who i thought was the love of my life broke up with me after years together and im totally miserable, I dont know what to do and how other people manage to move on?

  4. Don't know...time and supportive friends/family are the only things I know of that work. Time specifically. Good luck sweetie!