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Friday, February 12, 2010

I've been to the year 3000 not much has changed but they lived underwater and your great-great-great grandaughter Is doing fine (doing fine)

I so very wish that I could see the future. Not all of it either, just a tiny glimpse so that I could know if I'm happy and healthy...and all that good stuff. More realistically, I just want to see how old I live to be. I don't have high expectations for life to be kind to me and let me live a long, eventful life. I expect fate to be cruel and get rid of me in the "prime of my life." I'm just moody and resentful lately. And extremely pissed off at the world. I know how to fix's just that it takes time, and I'm very impatient. Oh, well...

Anyway... In a completely unrelated note, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to drop my bio class. I can't stand the teacher (she's probably a very nice woman, but the view I get of her is condescending and hates her job as a professor) and I don't have the desire/motivation to pass the class with the highest possible grade that I can earn.

Also...completely random, but I noticed today that I have four followers. That's two more than I previously knew about! :) Which means, a couple of random strangers like me!! Yay!!


  1. Have you heard about "Self-fullfilling prophecy"? That is what you are doing. If you think that way,then you are catching those stuff you are expecting to happen and you are increasing the chances of bad things to happen to you at the prime of your life.

  2. If you'd read any more than this post, you'd realize that I'm a psych major...and self-fulling prophecy is a big thing taught in psych. Also, you'd realize that I tend to vent when I'm angry, so not everything written is how I view things 100% of the time.